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What’s does Boot camp membership include:

Package Includes:

Pre/Post Assessments: This includes your height, weight, body fat %, tape measurements, BP, RHR. It’s a chance for me to get to know you a little more & answer any questions you may have. There’s a health screening questionnaire included to allow me to make any modifications if needed. It’s a great way to start your transformation journey. Giving clear & accurate measurements allowing us to track & monitor your progress.

This also includes Goal Setting: Personal goal setting is an important part of any health & fitness program. If you don’t have goals, you are wandering aimlessly into the unknown. If you can believe that you have huge potential & let go of limitations you can open up new opportunities & live a life that you deserve. Goals give us motivation, direction & allow us to be more aware of our own personal achievements & can act as a template for further goal success including all areas of our life. When you set a smart goal you begin to realize what is actually within your grasp.






Dietary Help: The diet plan is holistic diet designed to keep you at your best. It will help you not only lose weight but maintain good health too. We discuss the diet on your first assessment. I base it on balancing your blood sugars, eliminating your intolerances or allergies, increasing your water intake & ensuring you understand the negative effects of sugar, alcohol, stress & caffeine. This plan is more about healthy eating or a lifestyle change, rather than a specific, food or calorie restrictive/elimination diet. I don’t believe in fad diets or altering your diet so you admit certain food groups. It’s really just common sense. As with anything it’s about balance. I believe that knowledge is power & when you understand more you make better choices not just in the short term but the long term as well.

Online Support & Motivation: I know how hard it can be to lose weight & I know as when trying to achieve any goal, that support, motivation, help, advise can really help. It’s important to feel that you are not alone in this journey & that you can rely on LK Fitness to be there step by step.

Unlimited Classes: Choose any class at any time, plenty of varied routines, exercises & intensity. Your body will be kept guessing & therefore continue to get results & prevent plateaux. The benefits from the varied routines are endless, strength, flexibility, aerobic & anaerobic, endurance, stamina all greatly improved. It will keep you motivated & ahead!

My Before/After

Loughrea Weight Loss

I joined LK Fitness a year ago after seeing great results on a colleague. I was feeling (and looking) overweight after Christmas and wanted to lose weight and tone up. Having never joined a gym or fitness class in my life (some 40 odd years!) I was very apprehensive, nervous and sure I would never stick it! But from day 1 the support you get from Lisa is amazing, she never made me feel inadequate and encouraged me all the time via email, Facebook posts and in class. The group of girls are great and I've made great friends there. Thankfully there are no mirrors and you feel everyone is in the same boat and to be honest you have no time to worry what anyone else is doing as the classes keep you so busy! There is a great variety of weights, core and cardio and more recently yoga for the chilling aspect! I have lost the weight I wanted to lose but more importantly I am fitter and healthier inside, this is not a fad diet, you get nutritional advice and menus/recipes from Lisa regularly and she is always posting tips on eating healthy, exercises to do when you can't make class etc.
if I can do this believe me anyone can - give it a try you won't be sorry!!!

Tina Daniels