Group Class Timetable


All fitness levels welcome. You don’t need to pre-book, just turn up

Drop in rates E10 per class, yoga E12.

Please remember to bring water.


~ 7-7:45am Rep Attack (strength Training) 45 minutes

~5:15-6pm Rep Attack (strength Training) 45 minutes

~6:30-8pm Yoga 90 minutes


~7-7:30am HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 30 minutes

~6:30-7pm HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) 30 minutes

~7-7:30pm Core & Flexibility 30 minutes


~7-7:30am HIIT it with Weights 30 minutes

~6:10pm – 6:30pm Plyo HIIT
20 minute Fast Paced, Effective, Total Body Workout!

~6:30-7pm Rep attack 30 minutes

7:30-8:15pm Men’s Yoga 45 minutes


~ 1-1:45pm Yoga Class 45 minutes

~6:30-7pm HIIT it with Weights 30 minutes

~7-7:30pm Core & Flexibility 30 minutes


~10-11:30 Yoga 90 Minutes

~5:15-6pm Rep Attack (strength Training) 45 minutes

6:30-8pm Yoga Class 90 minutes


What is it?

A weight training workout with Dumbbells to get leaner, more toned & fitter FAST

What’s it good for?

Weight training should be the number one priority for anyone looking to lose inches, get leaner, lower body fat & generally it’s the quickest way to transform your body to a lean, mean, fighting machine πŸ™‚


What is it?

A class that helps your body & mind to destress. A series of breathing meditations to help you ground, release endless mind chatter & to basically chill. Followed by various stretches to help ease the physically tension & tightness in your body.

What’s it good for?

Relaxation. It can help you to feel more settled within your self. Lovely & calming. Great aid for anxiety. Helps to release stiffness & tension from your body, improves posture, helps lengthen tight muscles & improves the body’s alignment. Can help with sleep. Helps to improve focus & concentration. Can help to improve self- confidence.


What is it?

High Intensity Interval Training: Short Bursts of Intense Training

What is it good for?

Need help losing fat? Nothing does it better than this high-intensity workout. To lose weight, you don’t always need to spend hours at the gym.
If you can do high-intensity exercise – do it. Make it a priority. Study after study shows it to be more beneficial for fat loss.

Core & Flexibility Class

What is it?

A specific workout class to work on your core (I call it the corset muscles, includes working on your abdominals & back) it also includes stretches to help unwind tension & tightness in the body.

What’s it good for?

Toning & tightening your middle. Whittling your waist, strengthening your back, improving core strength. Getting rid of the muffin top πŸ™

HIIT with Weights

What is it?

An incredibly effective combination of weights & high intensity aerobics

What’s it good for?

The combined Weights & High Intensity Cardio makes it a super effective & efficient workout.
If you want to strengthen, tone, burn calories, lose fat & get fitter fast then include this workout in your weekly training schedule.


What is it?

A Fast, Effective Metabolism Boosting Workout. 20 minutes total body workout.

What’s it good for?

If you want to get lean & increase your fitness in pronto time then this class is a must. Tough 20 minute workout but you’ll glad when you see results!

To make an appointment please or

or Contact: 087 192 1039

OR alternatively you can always register before or after class. You don’t need to pre-book!

Age Limit: 14 with a parent present & 16 with parental consent. Both need to fill in forms with signed permission from a parent. Student Rate 16 & Under: E5 (ID proof required)