Energy Healing Information


Hi there 🙂

I have always had a keen interest in the workings of the body, as do I have a passion for learning about the mind.

I believe that the body, mind & soul are linked & best worked together as part of a whole, I also believe that not tending to one area of that equation can mean imbalance & disharmony.

I am hoping that this page will help clear up any questions or concerns you may have regarding energy healing. I’ve included some of my most frequently asked questions too.

Some of my qualifications:

~IET (Integrated Energy Therapy): Basic level amp; Intermediate level & & Advanced Level
~Reiki: Beginner, Intermediate & Master level
~Access Consciousness (Bars)
~Buddhic Column, Land Healing
~Rainbow Bridge Divination: Advanced Level Esoteric Aura Reader
~Distance Healing Reiki & IET, Buddhic Column.

What are some of the reasons people come to you for Healing?

Too many to type 🙂

~Relationship troubles
~Low Mood
~Low Energy
~Physical Healing
~Overcoming a challenge
~Low self worth, low self esteem
~Lack of clarity
~Feeling stuck
~Feeling hopeless
~Release beliefs that are ingrained & unhelpful
~To feel supported

I also want to state that energy healing is an aid….not a cure. It’s not to replace professional medical treatment but it most certainly can help.

What happens in a session?

You lay down on a treatment bed & relax. I usually start by explaining about the treatment so you know what to expect in some way & discussing with you what it is you’d like to work on. Generally the treatment includes hands on healing & depending on the healing modality used the hand positions can vary from treatment to treatment.

What will I experience during the session?

Some people don’t notice anything (Although it’s rare) you can notice heat, cold, tingling, vibrations, pressure & release of pressure. You can also fall asleep. Deep relaxation.

How will I feel initially after the treatment?

Many have told me they feel very relaxed, reassured, clearer, calmer, more confident, less anxious. I’ve had people tell me that Reiki & Energy healing has changed their life!

Sometimes in the days after treatment depending on each individual case you may experience a worsening of symptoms, you might experience tiredness, a range of emotions, physical tenderness/pain, yawning, burping, nausea but this is a positive sign & will pass.

How many treatments should I have?

You can’t overdo any of the energy healing. But certain issues need more healing & more time. I always say trust yourself to know when next to book in. You are in a sense in charge of your own healing. I’m also a big believer in the aftercare in between treatments, taking action steps to help yourself & learning helpful tools to aid & continually make progress with your healing.

How long is a treatment & what is the cost?

60 Minutes E45
90 Minutes E60

24 hours cancellation required.

How do I book in?

Text/Call: 087 192 1039
Facebook: Lisa Kelly