The calm, welcoming feeling that she creates make going to her classes such a joy.

Lisa's classes are great. The calm, welcoming feeling that she creates make going to her classes such a joy. She is encouraging and explains everything really well. She ensures that everyone can feel challenged, but never feel pressured or nervous. Since starting Lisa's classes, I feel stronger, fitter and have more energy. I also feel that my confidence has improved, thanks to the supportive and positive nature of the classes. I am delighted that I joined LK fitness!

Lisa is very friendly and cares about the wellbeing of all members in the class.

Having recently joined LK fitness, I'm very impressed with the warm welcome and the generous facilities for yoga and for fitness classes that I've tried so far. Lisa is very friendly and cares about the wellbeing of all members in the class. Yoga and fitness classes are fun and challenging and I think I've found somewhere where my physical and mental health can be strengthened.

Deborah Mary Anne Dwyer

I now enjoy exercise, all thanks to Lisa.

Im so glad I made the decision to join Lk fitness back in May. I was a bit apprehensive as I've tried to make fitness a habit so many times before and lost motivation and quit. Lisa is so encouraging and always in good form. Even if you are struggling she will spur you on. I love the HIIT classes, they are intense but you really sweat!! she is there for any concerns you have and is a fountain of knowledge on so many health related topics. My mood has improved and im seeing results...go on..Do it for you!

Michelle Flanagan

Full body strength, toning, conditioning and increased fitness in a supportive and positive atmosphere

I started Lisa's classes at the beginning of summer. Looking for somewhere with an inviting, friendly atmosphere, where people support rather than intimidate one another, I was not disappointed in LK Fitness! Lisa offers so much more than an all-round physical workout, she also provides so much encouragement and gently pushes you to do the best that you can do. Usually arriving for class feeling stressed and worn out from a hard day, I leave feeling refreshed, awake and happy with myself. Lisa naturally creates a positive and uplifting atmosphere, with the waft of incense in the air and gentle encouragement on a mindful and physical level. Lisa's classes are for all ages and fitness levels, everybody works at their own pace and your only competition is yourself. Everybody is so respectful of each other and I would totally recommend Lisa's classes to anybody feeling shy about starting fitness classes. There is a wide variety of classes Mon-Fri and you can do two back to back for a full workout as they are broken into nice bite-size workouts! Full body, head to shoulders toning and conditioning and improved fitness - this is what I have benefited from at LK Fitness this summer, and Lisa makes it a lovely place to be. Thank you Lisa x

Michelle Devine

I am the fittest I have been in years.

I joined LK fitness in March, and I can’t believe the change in my body since joining.
I am the fittest I have been in years, thanks to Lisa’s amazing variety of classes - from weights to hiit and core.
The great thing is the classes are suited to people of all fitness levels and everyone is working to their own maximum.
Lisa is so dedicated to helping people reach their own personal goals and is always there for encouragement when needed.
Everyone is so welcoming and there is always fun and laughter in the classes.

Laura Casey

Lisa is so supportive and a great motivator

I have been a member at LK fitness for the last 5 years or so and would definitely highly recommend it. It has a very friendly environment, a great variety of classes and an holistic approach to fitness and wellbeing.
Lisa is soooo dedicated to supporting all her members in their own personal goals!
She has helped me improve my fitness levels, tone up for my wedding and feel very supported to keep fit during my pregnancy-this definitely helped me keep going up to 36weeks! Lisa and her classes are amazing!


Very Friendly & Welcoming Fitness Classes

Lisa is a fantastic motivator. She is a postive and encouraging instructor! I noticed positive changes both physically and mentally after only one month of doing the classes. The variety and flexibility of Lisa's timetable makes the classes really enjoyable. You don't have time to get bored because you are pushing yourself to do your best everyday! Thank you Lisa.


I would highly recommend yoga classes at LK Fitness

I would highly recommend yoga classes at LK Fitness to anyone thinking of taking up yoga, or indeed returning to yoga. Lisa Kelly is a first rate yoga instructor, she is friendly and approachable yet very professional.

There's lots of space too so you don't feel cramped, you can find a corner and go along at your own level. The classes feel very relaxed, yet Lisa pushes you that little bit further without you realising it with each class. She mixes it up too, no two classes are the same, so you are never bored.
Lisa's style of yoga is unique to her classes, which is what makes them so special, a blend of stretches, flow yoga and meditation/mindfulness.

I have also had a healing treatment with Lisa and I found it a very beneficial, calming and peaceful experience.



A very welcoming and motivational instructor

Two years ago I joined lk fitness after debating joining gyms for years and it was without doubt the best decision I ever made. Prior to joining lk fitness, I never had the confidence to join a gym, but Lisa’s friendly, encouraging and positive personality put me at ease from the get go. She oozes positivity and pushes you to achieve your very best without even realizing it. Every class is different and there’s something to suit all. The classes are short, but effective and I always feel great after.


She is a very rare and gifted person

I recently received a healing session with Lisa . She has completed many healing modalities. She is very intuitive and uses each of these healing methods as deemed beneficial to her clients. She possesses immense kindness, empathy and knowledge, during the treatment she ensures comfort space and time to enjoy and talk afterwards with guidance given to help you move forward. She is a very rare and gifted person

Ann Dillon a

Lisa has created such a positive and welcoming atmosphere!

My sister and I have recently joined L.K Fitness, Lisa has created such a positive and welcoming atmosphere! We both enjoy each class we attend as Lisa encourages you to do your best and that motivation helps so much. At the end of each class you are happy knowing that you have done a good and fun workout! We both look forward to exercising now. Thank you Lisa!


The sense of friendliness is just lovely

After years of trying to figure out would I ever enjoy exercise even a small bit, I went to a variety of classes with Lisa, and each time I went start to realize I was beginning to enjoy it more than I could imagine. What’s nice is no two classes are the same and the bunch of girls you meet there, some you wouldn’t even know their name but the sense of friendliness is just lovely, it makes the session more enjoyable. Seeing your body change and feeling fitter is also a huge bonus, I would truly recommend these classes to anyone and I’m just sorry my job doesn’t allow me attend more xx

Evelyn Shevlin
Beautiful ambition

"I found Lk Fitness"

After a lot of false starts, I found Lk Fitness.
A purpose equipped studio, spacious and airy.
A friendly, positive and encouraging environment with a selection of short classes everyday, it fitted around my busy lifestyle.
Lisa is expert at her job and so approachable and caring. She is a leader in creating fun but motivating classes which vary day to day.
Personally, I have gained strength, lost inches, have more energy and look forward to my classes every week.

Louise Reynolds

Super fitness classes

I love Lisa's classes. She's the right balance of supportive and kind but encouraging you to push yourself and find your edge. Great teacher, fun classes

Clare Bassett
Yoga with Clare

...a gifted healer and is a source of peace and inner reflection...

Lisa Kelly offers a powerful way of living a healthy life. She has a holistic approach promoting confidence and strength through her classes . They vary from strength training and core fitness to energetic work outs in high intensity. She is also a wonderful yoga teacher reminding me that yoga is about the practice not the perfection. You feel you have to try better the next time. She is also a gifted healer and is a source of peace and inner reflection.

Ann Dillon

Really enjoyable workouts!

Lisa's classes are a great way to get fit and lose weight. She helps you regularly monitor your progress so you can keep improving. You can go at your own pace and there is always support available. Really enjoyable workouts!

Saoirse McLoughlin

Lisa encourages and motivates you in every class.

Lisa is a highly qualified trainer with a wealth of knowledge. She is so friendly to everyone and encourages and motivates you in every class to keep pushing yourself.
The classes are short and can easily fit into your busy day. No two classes are the same and you are always kept wondering what's going to happen in the next class or what new moves lisa will invent.
Since joining I feel fitter and stronger and enjoy the challenge in every class.
I would highly recommend LK Fitness.


LK Fitness is great.

LK Fitness is great. I can't recommend it highly enough. From day one I have felt so comfortable there. Lisa puts you at ease straight away. You go at your own pace and don't feel under pressure. However Lisa is so good that somehow you do push yourself without realising it. There are so many different classes to choose from and such variety.


Geraldine Flynn

Lisa is absolutely fantastic, so knowledgeable about how the body works.

Lisa is absolutely fantastic, so knowledgeable about how the body works. I had relocated to Co Galway after living in NI. I had become lazy and stopped working out for a whole year, I signed up to the classes through a friend. I thought that I would feel inadequate at the classes much like you sometimes feel at the gym but Lisa is so welcoming and so are others at the classes. Lisa mixes up the workouts so you are always doing something different. There's also moves for beginner and advanced levels of fitness so you can choose the one that's right for you! The classes are short and totally achievable!!

Paula Taylor

Lisa is a kind, caring, dedicated instructor that believes in what she does

I joined LK fitness 2 years ago and it's the best decision I have ever made. Lisa has the most amazing way of pushing you to the limit without you even realising it. She oozes positive energy that you can feel the minute you walk in the door of her gym. Lisa is a kind, caring, dedicated instructor that believes in what she does. Thank you Lisa for keeping me fit and grounded.

Helen Byrnes

Overall I would highly recommend LK Fitness to anyone

Lisa is amazing at what she does. She helps you at the beginner stage and builds you up to advanced level by showing you how to do each exercise. She motivates and drives you on and keeps each class a little different. She encourages positive results without pushing you too hard. Overall I would highly recommend LK Fitness to anyone.


The weight is coming off and my confidence is going up!

Three and a half weeks ago I joined LK Fitness in attempt to get over the January blues. There is no intimidation and Lisa is so friendly and welcoming. The weight is coming off and my confidence is going up. I'm enjoying the variety of classes and new challenges each week. I feel healthier and happier in myself and can't wait to see the results after this amazing 4 week bootcamp! I would highly recommend LK fitness.

Katie Page

Best class I've ever attended

I commenced LK fitness in sept 2017. Was suffering from severe neck pain for 2 month prior. After only one class of core and flexibility training my neck pain had eased and is now totally gone. Thank you Lisa.
Lisa is so professional in her delivery of all her classes and she is such a motivator! I have always been into fitness but have never attended any class like Lisa's before! I feel so much fitter and my flexibility has improved so much even though I have only being attending for over 2 months. I would highly recommend LK fitness to anyone.

Caroline kelly

Having been a member of LK fitness for nearly 3 months now, I cannot recommend Lisa enough. I have a strong passion for fitness and exercise, and feel that Lisa's classes encompass all levels and needs. The large variety of classes means that there is always a class to suit your mood. Lisa's ability to ensure that everyone feels welcome and included, as well as her endless ability to motivate others, is what makes LK fitness unique. Since joining, I have noticed improvements in my fitness levels across the board. Thank you Lisa!

Rebecca O'Malley

I joined Lisa's classes a couple of years ago feeling unfit and unhealthy, thought I would last a week at most..well I'm still here and still enjoying and feeling the benefit of her classes and motivation. LIsa gives it her all, she encourages and motivates us and the classes are suitable for all ages and fitness levels as you can adapt /take a break etc, there is a great atmosphere and camaraderie amongst us all and no one is looking at you as they are all too busy trying to keep up! I am in a much better place since joining, even for your mental health it is good as you don't have time to think of anything else when you are there and the time flies, 30 -45 minute classes can easily fit into any one's busy day. I would highly recommend Lisa and LK fitness to anyone no matter what age or how unfit you are, you will definitely reap the benefits.

Tina Daniels

I joined LK Fitness a month ago, not knowing what to expect. The classes are great and cater for all fitness levels, and you can work at your own pace. Lisa offers support and advice ans well as getting to know you. She is fantastic at motivating each class. I also feel I get more from LK Fitness than the Gym

Carmel Browne

My experience with LK Fitness

I've just started my third month with LK Fitness and have never felt that good before. Lisa Kelly is a professional who encourages and supports everyone with a smile on her face.I was immediately motivated by her positive approach to health and fitness. I have already experienced a number of positive results from Lisa's classes. I feel more energized, clear-headed and healthy. I would recommend Lisa Kelly to anyone who doesn't like boredom because LK Fitness is nothing but great fun. Lisa makes her classes very interesting using different routines, which also makes the workout go by fast. Thank You Lisa x

Sylwia Figlewicz

After having my first baby in February, I knew I wouldn't have hours to spend in the gym like before. Then I discovered LK Fitness. The classes are short, hard, intense, enjoyable and most importantly, deliver great results!! Lisa is a fantastic coach and brilliant mentor and motivator.
Thank you Lisa!!

Niamh Tully

I couldn't ask for a better gym to train in,Lisa gives us the confidence we all lack from time to time..a very easy going gym where everyone is in the one boat..it's not a competition..everyone is so friendly no matter when u join it feels like a little family every time you do a class..I love my yoga in the winter a lovely way to finish off the week and to go home and relax,knowing you will sleep better..Lisa is great to give you tips for times you can't make a class and still want to fit exercise into your day..highly recommend it x

Evelyn Niland
Beautiful ambition

LK Fitness is more than just exercise!

Lisa is a true professional at what she does and takes an individual interest in each and every person that walks through the door. Her classes are excellent - Lisa constantly encourages everyone to push that little bit extra, while at the same time understanding that everyone is at different levels of fitness. She does her best to accommodate everyone's needs - there is a great variety of classes in both the morning and evening.
Lisa is more than just a fitness instructor, she is a wealth of knowledge in all areas of health and well-being. She gives tips and advise on diet, healthy eating and the monthly assessments she offers are a great way of seeing how far you have come.
Lisa also does great Yoga classes which has improved my strength and flexibility as well as helping me relax more and I am sleeping much better since I started these classes. They are a great way to wind down after a busy week.
Overall LK fitness is by far the best fitness classes I have ever attended and I can never see myself going anywhere else (why would I?)

Bernie Larkin

Joining LK Fitness is money really well spent!

Best decision I made was to join LK Fitness. I did so on my sisters recommendation as she was an existing member and since doing so I am really enjoying my new fitness regime!

Classes at LK Fitness are really well structured and varied. Yes they are challenging but List sets them at the right level and mixes them up, its up to you how hard you work and one thing for sure you'll never get bored. There is also an element of fun in the classes and the nicest group of members you could meet.

Since joining I have to say Lisa has been nothing but encouraging and supportive of all aspects of my well being not just my fitness. She is always positive and cheerful and is so good at instilling the self belief that "I can do it"

I can honestly say I have seen a marked improvement in my happiness and self esteem since joining LK Fitness. An added bonus of being a member is that you also get to enjoy the super Yoga classes Lisa runs.

I would urge anyone who is thinking of doing some kind of fitness to give LK Fitness a go. Trust me you wont be sorry - it is money really well spent.


Linda Keane

Better then sliced bread!

I've been with LK FITTNESS 3 months now and it's the best decision I've made in regards to fittness. Classes are fun with a good friendly crew and a brilliant instructor. Lisa provides great motivational support, with reminders of proper form and technique for the best results. Il certainly be renewing my membership😊💪🏽

Siobhan Q

Best Life Changing Experience Ever

I have been a member of Lk Fitness for the past two years and I have to say hand on my heart it was the best choice I made in a long time. When I joined I was after being diagnosed with osteoporosis and I was told that weight exercise would help me. So I spoke to Lisa about it and I decided to give it a go and to my amazement when I went back for a hospital review my bone had increased in my spine which surprised and delighted me. I am really so thankful to Lisa she is a true leader she give so much time and advice to everyone and nothing is ever too much trouble she always shows you the the right direction and I am so thankful for all you do. Anyone wishing to get fit get to Lk Fitness you won't be disappointed.

Kathleen Broderick

My experience at LK Fitness!

I have been attending LK Fitness for the last 5 months I trained 4 evening a week, I found during my time there Lisa has been a great support she encouraged me when needed but at the same time I never felt pressured into anything I couldn't do. I really toned up, and I found I looked forward to going into Lisa in the evening because it helped me with my stress levels I would highly recommend Lisa!

Catherine Sheil

Having had stiffness and back problems from sitting at a desk all day, and which resulted in spinal surgery in September 2016, I decided to join LK fitness in Jan 17. I can gladly say I have I seen a massive improvement in my flexibility and core and the issues with my back are now gone. I attend the rep attack, core & flexibily and yoga classes regularly and I could see the results immediately. The classes are extremely enjoyable and make it all worth while when I see the benefits for my body. Lisa is extremely knowledgable and provides great support and advice. If I had the chance again I would have joined LK fitness earlier when I first started having issues with my back and would have saved all the pain.

Aidan Rourke
rgr partners

LK fitness is personal care and love.. Not commercial crap

It's amazing and refreshing to go to a place that isn't trying to sign you up to help themselves... Lisa and LK fitness give you love and confidence to be the best person you can be.. Lisa helped me through some hard times and she motivates me with her attitude, dedication and that smile and enthusiasm makes me warm and fuzzy. So highly recommend that if your not satisfied then call me for a refund or subsidy, proper experience and amazing staff makes this best fitness centre in Ireland and whole northern hemisphere... Bless you Lisa

Brendan Wooldridge
Boating Worls

I cannot recommend LK Fitness enough.

Having spent two years finding excuses not to exercise, I decided I needed to get back to a routine that works for me in terms of time and keeping interest.

I get bored of doing the same thing - LK fitness broke that cycle. There is no such thing as boredom. Every session is different and every week is different. Its like an addiction - I find myself stumbling out after a class and looking forward to the next one. Most of all, LK Fitness has improved my mental health. I usually do the morning classes and find it so much easier to face the day with a clear head. I cannot recommend LK Fitness enough. Joining this club was the best decision I have made in a long time.

Bernie Quinn

Lisa is not just a personal trainer, she makes an impact on people's way of life for the positive.

I first became a member of LK Fitness in January 2013. It was just after the over indulgence of Christmas and a perfect time to start Lisa's detox plan.

I lost 10 inches and my body fat percentage decreased significantly.

I always liked some form of exercise but I couldn't get a handle on a balanced diet. Lisa completely educated all her members on the importance of a balanced varied diet and I felt great following her recommendations and still continue the same principles today.
Her exercise plan includes a varied range of exercises- cardio, strength, anaerobic, high intensity and now her fantastic yoga. Through the benefits of these exercises my body changed its shape and I don't care about scales.

Lisa caters for everyone, it doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at, Lisa's positive, inclusive and welcoming atmosphere makes you feel at ease and enthusiastic as soon as you walk in the door.

Her online support offers educational articles, benefits of looking after yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.
Lisa is not just a personal trainer, she makes an impact on people's way of life for the positive.


In a league of its own

I joined Lisa after I started to feel tired and sluggish all the time...

I just didn't feel happy with my shape and knew it was time to put some exercise and fitness back Into my life..I had let work take over my life and had no "me time" factored in at all..

With the guidance of Lisa I also joined yoga as I felt my sleep and relaxing was gone out the window..

In the beginning I thought it wasn't for me and if anything was watching the clock all the time...but the opposite is true now I do look forward to my class and the relaxing results I get from it....

I would highly recommend Lisa's classes and the huge time and effort she puts into each individual that comes through the door...don't delay join it will be the best step forward you will take.

Beautiful ambition

Intensive and Enjoyable

Thank you Lisa for your classes, I love the intensity and variety of your classes and I also feel so good after each class. The most thing I love is the your classes are 30 mins so I can push myself and never get bored. One thing I have to compliment Lisa on is the wide range of classes available. I can go on my way to work or my way home and it's so easy to fit in a few classes a week... Thank you Lisa for all your support and see you next week 😄

Imelda Hobbins
LK Fitness

I just completed a month at LK Fitness Loughrea

I just completed a month at LK Fitness Loughrea and i have to say it has been the best decision i ever made. I feel so much stronger my balance and flexibility have improved immensely i cannot believe the difference. I have to compliment Lisa on her professionalism, extensive knowledge and her enthusiastic commitment to her work and all her members. If you are serious about changing your life for the better i highly recommend you go to LK Fitness Loughrea

Kathleen Broderick


I first joined LK on a month's membership then 3 months and finally I have fully committed to a year's membership. And the reason is simple it's because of Lisa Kelly, she is so professional and so talented in what she does, classes are challenging and interesting. I have always liked to keep active but now I'm determined to keep fit and be the best that I can be. LK is a coach, a mentor a wealth of information and she give 100% everyday to every class and every member. It's addictive, join up and commit it's the best investment you will ever make for you.

Fyne Tune Your Health

LK Fitness..my experience

I started going to LK Fitness because I had tried everything else, from fad diets to hypnosis. Nothing worked because I didn't believe in them. I do believe in Lisa Kelly. From the support I received, both in and out of class, I lost 13 inches. I started believing that I could succeed. Lisa inspired that belief and increased it. The classes are challenging but I felt myself getting fitter every week. The variety of classes keep them from getting boring and we all feel great after completing them, so much so, that we applaud when they are over. If you are looking for a holistic and healthy way to get fitter and stronger, physically and mentally, LK Fitness is the place to go. Thank you again Lisa. x

Louise Harte

Michelle O'Looney shares her LK Fitness experience..

i joined LK Fitness in October 2013 for the usual reasons....to get fit, lose some weight and for some 'me time'. Best decision I made when I walked through the doors that day....since then I've been consistent with going to classes and the results have been amazing. I now feel so much better. The variety of classes is great, a different style of class each day so something for everyone there. As well as that Lisa changes around the routines every week so no chance of getting bored. Most of all it is Lisa herself who is the reason we all keep coming back,she has a big smile for everyone that walks through the door and always has words of encouragement for us all. Now LK is part of my weekly routine, it's my time out from a busy home and work life. Thanks Lisa, you're a star x

Michelle O'Looney

LK Fitness

After having three babies in three years, you could say I had a bit of weight to lose! What I did after my first two pregnancies didn’t work with the third. I tried every quick fix going from the juice diet, shake diet to weightwatchers but the weight did not budge. One night I decided enough was enough I did not want to be labelled as a ‘frumpy mum’ so I went on the internet and searched personal trainers in loughrea, I found the answer I was looking for. . .Lisa Kelly at LK Fitness!!

Lisa and I exchanged emails about me joining up and I went in for my assessment as daunting as it was, Lisa reassured me my goals were achievable and I could do anything with the right motivation and will power. I really love the classes . . . why? Because there short duration with high intensity which means you can push yourself to the limit knowing it’s not forever. I also love the fact that every day is a different class so it keeps it interesting. Since going to these classes I’ve not only lost body fat but I have also toned and strengthened my entire body.

It’s not just about the classes with Lisa, she gets to know you, offers you support and advice on fb and msgr , she is a mentor, motivator, coach and a great friend!

Sinead Martin

I had spent many years being busy busy, Running my Business, Organising other's, Travelling,Moving again and again and then adding 2 small kids to the mix.Life was fast and chaotic.

I needed something to slow me down and give me calm.
The I found LK FITNESS ,And I won't be Going anywhere else !!!

I take part in The yoga Classes and quite frankly Lisa has helped me help myself make the change towards calm in a big way
Lisa is truly Fantastic at what she does.Her manner and way within her classes are second to none .
Her classes are such a pleasure and my motivation for keeping up the classes has amazed me ,I wouldn't not go because I feel fantastic when I come out

Lisa Gets it !!! It's That simple 🙂
I am on the road to calm and slow and can use lisa's tips and advice in every day life
Thank you Lisa for helping me.

Sarah Emily Rosa

Why I enjoy coming to Lisa's classes??...First of all I have moved from Derry and living in Loughrea now 5 months. I have been attending yoga classes and really enjoying each class as Lisa has helped me step by step with poses and when I struggle she goes with your own pace. I am attending other classes now and I have thoroughly enjoyed this week. As I have made big changes to my life, Lisa has influenced me to pick myself up, as she is not just a brilliant instructor but a great listener. It's becoming a good bit easier to settle as it gets me out n about also. I feel more energetic and my confidence is becoming to grow again.

Kelly Meenan

LK Fitness Review

I joined LK fitness in October 2014. Not knowing what to expect I was a bit apprehensive, but I wanted to get back to being fit and healthy. I had done some running and some gym work but never felt motivated to continue. Lisa did my assessment, gave me nutrition advice and I went to my first ever circuit class. I really enjoyed the variety it brought. Everyone in the group were helpful and friendly which made the class enjoyable. Classes are different each day so you don't have time to get bored. The highlight of the week for me is the yoga class which there are three a week.(total bliss). Lisa starts at the beginning with the basics and explains each move in detail. Several weeks later I am doing a headstand with confidence. My body is now stronger and more flexible as a result of doing yoga. I am more relaxed in general. Lisa gives you great support and motivation to stay going and always with a smile(even when she is dishing out the burpees). The Facebook posts and emails are always encouraging. I look forward to my achievements at LK fitness in the future.

Ita Kenny

I Enjoy every one of Lisa's Classes!! With a different challenging class every night of the week it's impossible to get bored. I feel so much healthier and fitter since I started with Lisa!! She takes interest and listens to every individual and with all the great information and advice she gives I couldn't recommend anyone better!! Thanks Lisa 🙂 🙂

sinead mcdermott

I joined LK fitness in November 2013. Over the years I had watched as I gradually gained weight and finally decided that I had two choices
1. Continue on the path I was on and be unhappy with my health and appearance or
2. Do something about it.
Having generally been reasonably fit from playing football and a small bit of running I decided that I needed something different. I stumbled upon Lisa and LK fitness and was intrigued by the variety of classes and times been offered. Of coarse been a man I was concerned about been the only male in the class but really I needn't have been. I decided I'd try it for 1 month and see how it went. Nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that. In my first class there was 7 females and one other guy. It helped that I already knew two of the ladies and actually had spent 5 years in school with one of them (I won't disclose how long ago 🙂 ).
After the initial apprehension wore off I soon realised that everyone was there for the same reason, to improve there health, well been and general physical appearance. Nobody was looking at anyone else and everyone was there for themselves and nobody else.
The classes were completely different to any exercise I have done before. Free weights, Boxercise, circuits and HIIT (I won't embarrass myself by disclosing what I thought that stood for) were among the classes offered so there really is something for everyone. I found Lisa to be very motivational and really encourages you and helps you through the class. Most importantly for me I was using muscles and exercising in a way that I hadn't done with football or running.
After 15 months I can hand on heart say it was the best decision I have made in recent years. I look and feel great and it has done wonders for confidence. To others and particularly fellow men I would say sign up now, try it for a while, you won't regret it.

Adrian Callanan

My Before/After

Loughrea Weight Loss

I joined LK Fitness a year ago after seeing great results on a colleague. I was feeling (and looking) overweight after Christmas and wanted to lose weight and tone up. Having never joined a gym or fitness class in my life (some 40 odd years!) I was very apprehensive, nervous and sure I would never stick it! But from day 1 the support you get from Lisa is amazing, she never made me feel inadequate and encouraged me all the time via email, Facebook posts and in class. The group of girls are great and I've made great friends there. Thankfully there are no mirrors and you feel everyone is in the same boat and to be honest you have no time to worry what anyone else is doing as the classes keep you so busy! There is a great variety of weights, core and cardio and more recently yoga for the chilling aspect! I have lost the weight I wanted to lose but more importantly I am fitter and healthier inside, this is not a fad diet, you get nutritional advice and menus/recipes from Lisa regularly and she is always posting tips on eating healthy, exercises to do when you can't make class etc.
if I can do this believe me anyone can - give it a try you won't be sorry!!!

Tina Daniels

Attending Lisa’s Yoga classes has given me huge benefits; It has cleared my mind and de-stressed my body! I have gained so much one including better sleep at night and I am learning to correct my posture! I really look forward to fridays,it like my treat after a week of intense workouts! I would highly recommend Hatha Yoga with Lisa.

Ruth Kelly

Yoga with Lisa Kelly is the best way to end your week…and start your weekend! It incorporates both strengthening moves and stretches as well as meditation….it is good for the soul and the body. Couldn’t imagine being without it now that I have started! Namaste

Maureen Berry

I did yoga on and off for about 10 years but had given it up. I was delighted to hear when Lisa was going to introduce it as part of LK Bootcamp. After the first class, I realised what I had been missing for so long. The nature of my personality is that I tend to be one step ahead of myself, always planning and anticipating what happens next. Yoga has helped me to slow down and live in the present. I have rediscovered that using the breathe properly can get you though many diffficult situations. I now practice deep breathing on a regular basis and it helps me to stay a lot calmer. Another thing that it has helped me with is “dropping my shoulders” – Lisa regularly has to remind me in class but now it has become a habit and I find myself dropping my shoulders as I go about my regular day. As for YOGA NIDRA, its 15 minutes of deep deep relaxation. You feel so refreshed after the class. I would highly recommend to anyone. Its 1½ hrs in the week that rewards you with huge benefits. Give it a try, you won’t regret it.

Evelyn Doyle

Yoga Experiences from a Member's View Point

I loved the hatha yoga class so much and look forward to the next class. It is a brilliant way to start the weekend and to help deal with the normal stresses of every day life. Since starting the course I am more relaxed, better able to deal with stress, my posture has improved and I sleep through the night without waking up (I used to wake a few times a night). It is actually a really good workout too which surprised me. The yoga Nidra at the end of class is amazing. I feel as if I have had a great sleep and feel so rejuvenated but we have only been meditating for a short time. I would highly recommend the course. I can’t wait till Fridays class.

Camilla Liston

I became a member of LK Fitness in June’14. My motivation for joining was simple. As a busy, working mom of three kids I felt like I was being pulled in loads of different directions and I needed to make time for me again. Now the classes at LK Fitness are a priority as I plan each week, not because I feel like I should go, but rather because I want to go. I cherish my time there and as result I feel like “me” again. Since June no two classes have been the same, that’s some feat and all down to the dedication and preparation that Lisa Kelly puts into each class. She has successfully managed to create a non-intimidating, non-competitive environment, where members support each other, have fun, all while working really hard in each challenging class. I would gladly recommend LK Fitness to anyone.

Collette Quinn

After having my second baby in May i was determined to try & get myself back in shape…i wasn’t doing it for anyone else only me…i had heard great things about LK fitness. Lisa is an amazing instructor & gets the best out of people in class. Its the first time i have ever looked forward to a fitness class. I’m a better Mum & Wife cause I’m happy in myself. Thank you Lisa!

Emer Pierce

I don’t think I could put it any better than Evelyn, or Monica!! Except to say that LK Fitness has changed my life. Completely. I am happier, healthier and I could not be more thankful to Lisa Kelly and a great bunch of people who make the classes fun. I would recommend it to anyone.

Alice Forde

I have lost count of the number of times I’ve started an exercise programme or joined a gym, only to give up after a month or two due to boredom or lack of motivation. This all changed when I joined LK Fitness. There is a different class every day so no room for boredom to set in, and I haven’t got enough good things to say about Lisa, she is so upbeat and positive and injects fun in to every class. LK Fitness is not just about exercise, Lisa strives to help every member become the best version of themselves they can possibly be through exercise, diet and mindset. She is one of the best motivators I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The added bonus to feeling fitter and healthier than I have in years are the fabulous ladies I’ve met. There is great camaraderie amidst the hard work and sweat. I would recommend anyone to join, regardless of age, fitness level or size. There is something for everyone.

Monica Devine


I started LK Fitness in June, and it’s the 1st type of exercise I’ve managed to stick to! Lisa’s enthusiasm and belief in us to get fitter, healthier and happier draws us all in! The ladies I’ve met through going to the classes are all machines! There is a fantastic atmosphere throughout every class, everyone does what they can, and if u struggle it’s no harm, there’s always an alternative exercise if your ‘not quite there yet’
The variety of workouts is excellent, most of them are my favourites, ensuring I make it there as often as I can ! I would highly recommend LK Fitness to anyone, and in seeing my results, 2 of my friends have joined up too! Proof in the pudding ( low fat, sugar free pudding that is !!!)

Lisa – I think it only needs one line – LK FITNESS IS ADDICTIVE !!!!!


Michala Folan

After a six month absence from the gym I am back with a vengeance!! Working out with Lisa gives you confidence, strength and the ability to want more and more of it each week! I feel the difference in my clothes, my attitude and most of all…my WANTING to go to the gym 3 to 4 times a week. I find no excuses because I know it is what I need to do. Lisa is enthusiastic and with all of us each step of the way…..All the women and the few brave men are serious about training and getting in shape yet we all enjoy the great atmosphere and support each other face-to-face and through our FB posts! So do yourself and the ones you love and who love you by becoming your best self….healthy, happy and loving every step it takes to get there!

Maureen Berry

After the birth of my third child last year I wasn’t well for long time wasn’t happy in myself so few months ago I joined lk fitness it was the best decision I ever made I’m stronger healthier and most of all have gained weight that I needed to. I’m a lot happier in myself which has made be a better person. So big thank you Lisa Kelly wouldn’t of come this far with out your help and support. I would highly recommend lk fitness to anyone .

Marion Coen

I love working out at LK Fitness the classes are all different and i need the change, same old routines are boring, i feel my whole body is getting a work out. i love the feeling of being more aware alert and flexible from my yoga class there..the information and attention to detail is second to none from Lisa..All around great advice and information.

Angela Simpson

LK Fitness really works for me. Over the years I have joined the gym and used only the first and last month of the membership. At LK’s the classes are amazing the time flies and Lisa’s enthusiasm and expertise is the best I have ever experienced. She is patient and encouraging. And it doesn’t end with the class there is endless amount of support post classes via Facebook and email. After 1 month I lost 3 lbs not a lot but what was amazing was the inch loss and the decrease in body fat not to mention the energy boost. Lisa is also very focused on the whole person not just exercise, the importance of food and internal dialogue is always emphasised. She is an inspiration for anyone who wants to make positive change in their life.

Maureen Fynes

Lisa is an excellent service provider. She has an excellent way with people and provides solid motivation to her clients on both a one to one and group basis. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to anyone.

Thank You!!!

Colm Flannery
HR Manager - Employee Relations at NUI Galway

Lisa is a results-focused, driven individual who has made a huge impact on all of her clients. Lisa is very much seen as an SME with regards to personal fitness and her manner with clients is exemplary. Her business management skills are excellent and it is no surprise that LK Fitness continues to go from strength to strength. I would highly recommend Lisa to any potential client(s) and I wish her continued success, as it is well deserved.

Alice Forde
Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist at Medtronic

I would highly recommend Lisa’s classes and her personal training, she loves what she does and it’s evident from the first moment you enter LK Fitness. Lisa gives each and everyone of her clients her full attention and nothing is too much for her. She strives to help her clients achieve their own personal goals in a way that is both fun and totally achievable. She provides variety in her classes and teaches each class personally. She always wears a smile on her face and her energy is infectious. She encourages each client throughout their own personal journey and I would have no hesitation in recommending her to other clients.

Marie Briscoe

I have never come across a Personal Trainer/Gym Instructor like Lisa Kelly. She truly is amazing at what she does. The support and encouragement you get when you part-take in one of her classes is second to none. Motivational e-mails are always something to look forward to. There is always a challenge waiting for us when we get in the door and indeed even when we are not training. I would highly recommend anyone to try a class. Go on give it a go …. you know you want to

Susan Counihan
Legal Secretary at A.G. Moylan & Company

Tuesday and Thursday are high intensity for me but I need to do them now and then as I feel i need to the change of routine or rather my body does, I have stubborn areas that need to improve…

Angela Simpson

I find that the Monday and Friday classes improve my flexibility and really tone the areas that need it. Tuesday and Thursday really test me and make me feel as if I have worked hard. The classes together have helped me lose inches and just make me feel better about myself.

Patricia O Donoghue

Ok…I love the Monday and Wednesday classes because its something I would never do on my own..but I have to say my favourite are the Tuesday and Thursday classes the shweaty ones….really feel like I’ve done my bit for the day…

Mary O'Higgins

Bootcamp with Lisa

Why did I join Lisa’s bootcamp? I just wasnt happy with my weight, my energy levels or my appearance – I did’t enjoy shopping anymore and hated getting ready for a night out as none of my nice clothes fitted and I felt frumpy and older than my years, so I decided to do something about it and that’s where Lisa came in. The variety in Lisa’s classes was fab, she mixed it up to ensure we never got bored of the same routines. She gave us a simple easy to follow detox plan and was only a text or e-mail away if I had any questions or if I was having a bad day and needed that little bit ofextra encouragement. When you do Lisa’s classes she reminds you everyday that you are doing this for you, you are competing with only yourself andwhat you put in you will get get back in amazing results. Lisa keeps things simple and that’s why it works – the only thing she asks of you is that you give 110% for you!! Lisa always has a smile on her face and clearly loves what she does. Lisa thank you so much for your help, motivation and most of all giving me my confidence back.


I’d like to recommend LK Fitness (Loughrea) for anyone looking to achieve better health, increased fitness and a change both physically and in your attitude towards food. This is where I train, I went here on my own last January with the objective to increase my fitness and tone up some more……I have gained so much more than I ever banked on! I didn’t come to make friends, it just happened so naturally with the LK Fitness girls and I don’t know what I did without my ‘healthy gang’ before! The support these ladies give and the attitude towards working hard is so encouraging for me. I never felt out of place, I felt welcome. LK Fitness hold a variety of circuit classes at many different times everyday, these classes are hard, but this is where you will see the results, everyday gets easier. It’s a wonderful place with wonderful people, if you decide to give it a try, you will be on the start of a brand new journey in your life……it’s not just exercise……it’s a way of life!

Malvina the Makeup Artist


LK Bootcamp!!! Just the kick in the ass i needed to start the new year!! Its very challenging and very rewarding! The detox is tough but with the right amount of will power and determination you can do it. It taught me how to look at food a bit differently. I’ve gained at least 2-3 positive changes in my diet which I feel are life changes not just a 3 week change. Lisa is a great trainer. So compassionate about wanting to help people get fit and be healthy. Very informative about diet and nutrition…which helps keep you going!! Her classes are intense and works your whole body. I  highly recommend her to anyone wanting to get fit!! I will continue to do her workouts and I strongly advise you to try it to!!! Thanks a million Lisa!!! Keep up the great work!!!


I joined Lisa’s bootcamp just after Christmas this year. I was a member of the gym previously but it was a waste of money as I didn’t push myself at all and I found it really boring. I was very apprehensive about joining in the beginning as the term “Bootcamp” put me off but with lots of encouragement from Lisa that I could do it, I signed up and have not looked back since. The bootcamp classes are challenging yet achievable for my fitness level. The classes seem to go very fast and are really enjoyable and over the weeks my fitness has definitely improved and resulted in loads of inches lost and have really toned up as well as shedding lots of lbs. The variety within the classes is great. The different types of circuits, weights and boxing classes mean that are you are strengthening different muscles that would never be touched in the gym. Lisa is amazing at encouraging everyone regardless of your fitness level and with classes on early morning and evenings you will definitely be able to fit them into your busy week. Just want to say thank you Lisa for all your help and support over the last few months.


I joined the boot-camp in April. Am thrilled I did because it is different to anything have tried before, it is more about a lifestyle change than a diet! I have to say at the start I found the classes very tough and had jelly legs for the first couple of weeks especially going down the stairs after class! The variety is good and I even enjoy the boxing now though I can’t say the same for the burpees! Lisa is great for motivating and encouraging everyone even when it feels easier to give up/give in! Thanks! Also have to mention the girls going to the classes who help to keep spirits bright even when muscles ache and who can share tips/advice! Hope I can continue now and make it a change for the better.


Late last year I went on holidays to Thailand. I was in the most amazing place in the world with some of my best friends but all I could see were these all the slim, toned other girls around me. I was so self conscious it really affected my holiday. By the time I came home I decided I wasn’t going to feel like that ever again. I knew I couldn’t handle going to a gym full of beautiful people and no matter how hard I tried it was very difficult to do it on my own. When I saw Lisa’s bootcamp I bit the bullet and signed up with some friends.

I was so nervous going to classes but after 3 days of the diet and classes I noticed my fitness improving toning and my clothes were fitting me better.
Lots of people say that ‘nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels’….we all know that’s not true but feeling better in your own skin and receiving complements from everyone around you is an amazing feeling.

I didn’t have the confidence to go into class on my own at the beginning…I thought people would laugh and stare at me (thinking I wouldn’t be able for it and I would definitely be the biggest there)
This bootcamp is perfect for the people that have always wanted to do something about their fitness and weight and were too afraid to join other classes.
I joined this bootcamp with 3 other friends. Each of the girls were at different levels of fitness and they all highly recommend Lisa’s classes.

You can feel like there is no point in trying and you will never be able for it but ‘YES WE CAN’… With Lisa’s support and advice you find yourself flying through it.
The diet was difficult at first but now we live by it. I can’t emphasise enough that no matter what size or fitness you have this bootcamp will suit you!!
This was the best thing I have ever done. IT WORKS!!

Thanks again Lisa!


“After years of excuses and promises to start exercise I decided enough was enough and joined Lisa’s bootcamp. Once I started working out with Lisa, in just a few short weeks I noticed changes in my body. Not only does she make working out fun, she is motivating and great with maximizing time for the best results. The support and advice is excellent along the way.  I am much more confident, and I feel amazing. No more excuses now…..bootcamp has been the first step to a completely new way of life for me, thanks Lisa :-)


Bootcamp has been fantastic for me – I really needed something to get me going again & it has more than done that.I now have no problem getting up at 6.30 am for classes and have more energy that before!! The classes are tough but enjoyable & Lisa is a real motivator……just when you think you can do anymore she ups the game & to you r surprise you’re right there with her.

I have also found all the information & guidelines on diet really helpful and informative. This really open your eyes to how much you were eating previously, food & calories that you really didn't need. I hope this is a new start for me with the way I choose my food & control what & how much I eat. Bootcamp Rocks!



Day One of bootcamp didn’t know what to expect went to class Lisa said she would take it easy on us as it was the first day. Oh my God class done my arms and legs are like jelly if that was easy what are the rest of the classes going to be like.

Day Two very sore and finding detox hard trying to figure out calories, heard there is an app you can download to phone that might make it easier.

“NO DIET COKE” Ahhhhhhhhhhh my headaches are cruel but by day 3 gone yeah. One bit of advise keep nurofen in press just in case headache gets to bad. Never drank so much water in my life.

Day three going in to class a little sore but feeling great even the warm up hurt but will just laugh my way through it ” no pain no gain” class over feeling good muscles not sore anymore.

Detox is tough not a huge fan of vegetables but stuck to it eating fish chicken and turkey and the few veg i did like. Had a little brown rice on day 5 just feeling to hungry.

Kept going to classes Lisa is fantastic always giving encouragement but always seems to know just when you need a little bit extra just to keep you going. Even though there were times when i just wished i had been born thin and could eat like a horse.( not the best description with all the burger scandal going on.)

Coming to near the end of the 21 day bootcamp feeling great. There were days when the diet was not as good as i would like it to be but this is a long term plan so i am just going to keep working on it.

Delighted with myself to still be of the diet coke going from 3 – 4 cans a day to none. Now drinking 2 – 3 litres of water a day instead.

Thanks Lisa for all your encouragement, support and advise over the past 3 weeks and always being so full of energy and good form for each class.


Ladies…and Gents…..Lisa is amazing….classes are challenging but fun….detox is tough but gratifying…you will NEVER feel better….come join us and let Lisa Kelly work her magic on you!!!!

~Maureen B

Maureen B

Lisa’s bootcamp has been fantastic. Lots and lots and lots of hard work, sweat, and laughs. We were pushed beyond and above our limits but everyone has benefitted from it. Its made me actually think about what I’m going to eat where as before this I would eat what I wanted when I wanted and then wonder why all the exercise wasn’t paying off. Couldn’t have asked for a more supportive, encouraging Trainer and all I can say is roll on January 7th!

Susan Plower

Massive thank you to Lisa for all her help and guidance for our 21 day boot camp. Delighted to be able to say I lost 7 inches overall and if I’m honest, that was without giving 100%. If I was stricter and followed her plan I would have a model figure now. I would highly recommend joining this program to kick yourself into shape, it’s tough at times but definitely worth it. Couldn’t recommend it highly enough.  Thanks again Lisa.

Fiona Burns


I absolutely loved the 21day Bootcamp and would recommend it to any of my friends or family. It’s amazing what your body can do when you actually put your mind to it. Lisa is an wonderful trainer and even does the exercises with you!! Each class was different and challenging. The detox was excellent my skin has improved so much and I physically feel so much more stronger and have way more energy now. I have lost 4 pounds in weight and inch’s from my hips and thighs which is great. It was a particularly hard time of year to do the 21day bootcamp with Christmas parties and festive cheer looming but I am rearing to go again on the 7th Jan…


Michelle Ward

Boot camp with Lisa Kelly!! Be prepared for…………………..blood, sweat and tears!  Ok, only joking – but you will get sweaty! So make sure you bring a towel.   I joined the boot camp knowing full well, I needed a push in the right direction in regards to diet and fitness. Diet more so, as I felt I was an ‘ok’ standard for fitness, but how wrong I was!  The classes range from circuits, boxing, core work and more core work and upper body strength exercises. The detox diet, has given me the kick start I needed in eating healthier and drinking more water.  Lisa has always been on hand, online or a text away throughout the whole boot camp, if I had any questions. We also received daily emails on recipes, breathing exercises and full on encouragement.  I was shocked at the start when we had our body fat % taken, along with weight etc and that’s the exact kick start I needed and along with Lisa’s amazing help and encouraging attitude, I can’t wait to carry on being healthier and fitter for 2013! Roll on the next boot camp……..WELL DONE AND THANK YOU LISA!

Ange Welsh

I can only say that joining Lisa in the 3 week detox bootcamp was probably one of the best things I ever did for myself!! As intimidating as it may seem...and trust me the first few days were kind of harsh.....I have never felt better! It has been 3 weeks now and my energy levels are way up, I don't have cravings for sweets and caffeine...and can honestly say I am going to try my hardest to stay off dairy and wheat for good. The workouts are tough but invigorating! I can already feel the difference in my core muscles and what I couldn't even fathom doing the first few days have been easier as time goes by. Lisa is a an amazing trainer and encourages us daily at class and with e-mails. She provides us with good advice and great recipes........So do yourself a favour...join us in January...what a great way to start the New Year and get rid of the Christmas bloat!

Maureen Berry

A massive thanks to Lisa Kelly LK FITNESS, your yoga class was fantastic i really enjoyed it , you're a great teacher and instructor Lisa, so looking forward to the rest of the course!

Angela Simpson


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