Yoga Classes at LK Fitness- All levels welcome.


All classes open to the public. Please note these classes are beginner level & up.

Yoga mats will be provided if you don’t have one!

Drop in E12 per class. E100 for 10 yoga classes

These classes are not for expectant Mothers.

Class times:

Monday: 6:30-8pm: (90 Minutes)

Wednesday: Men’s Yoga Class 7:30 – 8:15pm (45 minutes)

Thursday: 1 – 1:45pm (45 minutes)lunchtime yoga class

Friday: 10-11:30am: (90 Minutes)6:30 – 8pm:(90 minutes)

Class Description

All Classes Are A Blend Of Yoga Practises, It Includes Breathwork (Pranayama) & Meditation

This class has a broad mix of yoga styles including Hatha, Flow & Restorative Yoga.

A mindful practice designed to increase flexibility, body awareness, improve posture & help you rejuvenate from the inside out. You may find with patient practise that you can restore long lost flexibility & feel energised as a result. A positive & uplifting way to exercise & stretch your body. These classes are mainly beginner level but all levels welcome!

I have also introduced some healing & spiritual practises & discussions. Through my own experience in healing & yoga work I’ve found these to be highly positive & beneficial. So I wanted to share with my members to empower them with self-healing tools to help mentally, physically & spiritually. A holistic approach to promote complete wellness.

What is Pranayama?

We practise pranayama (breath work/breathing exercises)in these classes too. Benefits of this type of practise are wide & varied. A helpful method in calming your mind, body & breath. It can help you feel more at peace with yourself & the world around you. It’s a lovely way to unwind & helpful way to release tension in both body & mind.

Benefits Include:
~Reduced anxiety and depression
~Lower/stabilized blood pressure
~Increased energy levels
~Muscle relaxation
~Decreased feelings of stress and overwhelm
~Detoxing both body & mind
~Aids recovery

These classes are for all levels but in general it’s mainly beginners & intermediate but please know everyone is welcome. I have both men & women in the classes & all levels of flexibility. So please don’t think you have to be flexible to do this!

1 Month: E75
You can come to as many or as little classes you want within that particular month.

3 Months: E150.
You can come to as many or as little classes you want within the 3 months membership.

6 Months: E250.
You can come to as many or as little classes you want within the 6 months membership.

12 Months: E450.
You can come to as many or as little classes you want within the 12 months membership.

or 10 Classes: E100

Pay as you go E12

Please note you cannot freeze your yoga membership!

It’s non-transferable & non-refundable.

These classes are not for expectant Mothers.

To Sign up:

Contact: 087 192 1039
Email: or